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Country Sampler - August 27, 1997
Old Red has a chance at fame in movie by Nancy Ralston and Marynor Jordan

Old Red is a pickup truck which earns its garage and board by helping out here in the woods. It has hauled railroad ties, top-soil, manure and mulch. But whoever thought this fire-engine red 1955 Ford would star in a movie?

Spotted sitting outside Irnie Harrow's garage in New Unionville, Old Red was cast on the spot by Katherine Griffin of Styopa Productions. She was here filming The Innocents, a movie which involved shooting at nearly 25 locations in Bloomington, Perkinsville, Trevlac, Nobelsville and Atlanta, Ind. Panic ensued since the filming of The Innocents had a tight schedule. It rained almost every day in June and actors faced unbelievably wet and gloomy settings. Griffin, who also wrote the script and played one of the major roles was undaunted. Having brought crew and actors all the way from Calif., at considerable expense, she was determined to make the movie on schedule weather not withstanding. Undeterred by anything she shrugged "Well, we just are filming a very rainy summer in Indiana."

Born in Bloomington, Griffin has spent most of her life in California. After studying film at DeAnza College in Cupertino, Calif., and at Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria, Calif., Katherine formed the Styopa Production Company. The name came from her favorite character in a Gorky play, The Barbarians. She wrote the script for The Innocents while holding down three waitressing jobs and moving into her car to save money. Once she earned the sufficient capital, she and fellow producer, Jon Bachmann of Santa Clara, California set the wheels in motion. They drove to Indiana from the west coast with all sorts of equipment as well as personnel, including best friend and co-star, Kama Lee.

Currently Katherine and Jon, long since gone to California are busy editing. A little last minute shooting has no doubt been accomplished. Time ran out here in Bloomington's wetness and a shoot at Griffy Lake was totally washed out after a tornado warning. According to their schedule, The Innocents will be entered into many film festivals in late 1998.

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