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These pages represent a live account of everything that has taken place with Styopa Films and its first feature film "The Innocents" (since its completion to the present).
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More News in 08

We now have a new website for Styopa Films at StyopaFilms.com. All of the content for our first feature film will remain at TheInnocentsMovie.com.

We are excited by be partnering with producer Michel Shane of Handpicked Films Northfork, Catch Me if you Can, Vivaldi on our upcoming feature film Butterflies & Lightning.
We have an incredible casting director and will continue to post updates here and on StyopaFilms.com - now our main source for information regarding our company and our projects.

Our magical-comedy short film Use As Directed is finished and has kicked off it's festival run with a BEST FILM nomination at the Method Fest Film Festival. It is written and directed by Katherine, shot by commerical/feature DP Gonzalo Amat, and starring Cheyenne Casebier (Two and a Half Men), Eduardo Arroyuelo (7 Dias, Before Night Falls ), Marita Geraghty ( Groundhog Day, Don Juan DeMarco) and amazing character actors including Charley Rossman ( Superbad, CSI), and Alejandra Gollas ( Silicon Valley).

Check out the Use As Directed website for more info on that film.

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