Most of these links represent organizations, companies and other filmmaking websites that we feel could be of interest to anyone interested in film and filmmaking.
The rest of them are just cool.

FIND (formerly IFP West) supports independent filmmakers by facilitating a nexus between the creative and the business of filmmaking, and ensures that the public has the opportunity to see films that more accurately reflect the full diversity of the American culture and...blah blah blah...just check them out if you don't know who they are yet. They host the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Spirit Awards every year.

Harris Tulchin is a veteran entertainment/multimedia attorney, independent film producer, professor at UCLA, and author. This site is a central reference point of information for indie filmmakers, intellectual property and information on professional, legal and business services related to all aspects of filmmaking. And if you email him, he'll answer any legal questions you have.

WIF's purpose is to empower, promote, nurture, and mentor women in the industry through a network of valuable contacts, events, and programs including the Women In Film Mentor Program, the award-winning Public Service Announcement Production Program, and the Internship Program in association with the Fulfillment Fund.

The Ducey Chronicles tell the true story of one man's struggle to make a successful career in Hollywood as an actor. You've seen John Ducey in recurring roles on Friends, Will & Grace, the film Deep Impact with Morgan Freeman, and oh yes, The Innocents.

Recently named one of the top 5 movie web sites by The Wall Street Journal, Film Threat is the number one destination on the Internet for anyone seeking an alternate take on mainstream movies as well as stories on independent and underground cinema.

Dances with Films is one of the few film festivals that has remained true to its mission of representing the select group of "true" indepedents in the film industry. Those filmmakers that have struggled to make quality films without the industry crutch of using "known" actors, writers or directors. When too many "indie" films feature bigger and bigger box-office stars this fest strives to support the indie way.

Group 101 Films is an LA-based filmmaking collective that challenges each member to shoot a short film every 30 days. Over 600 filmmakers have produced nearly 4000 short films since 2000 in 12 cities across the U.S. and abroad, making Group101 the largest producer of short film entertainment in the world. Join them!

The State of Indiana does not require any permits to film. You'll find Indiana to be extremely low-hassle, whether you need to close streets or roads, film on government land or find equipment overnight. Did we mention it's beautiful?

Mark Stolaroff, a producer with Next Wave Films, the former low budget financing arm of The Independent Film Channel, shares what he's learned from years in the trenches producing films with a unique series of classes specifically designed to help the NO-BUDGET filmmaker.  

Indiana University has a long and distinguished history in film studies, pioneering the development of film courses for the humanities in the 1960s and creating one of the first film studies programs in the nation. Pretty cool.

Okay, okay, if you haven't figured it out by now we're extremely biased toward Indiana. Hey, it's a cool place. When our two lead characters, Jane and Maggie, hop a freight train they're hopping historical railrod cars (on a Monon train) provided by The Indiana Transportation Museum.
So check out the fun way to keep track of Indiana's past via scenic tours on the rails.
And don't worry you won't have to do any train hopping. They'll stop it for you.
I think.


One of the founders of this educational video production company is Leszek Drozd. A musician and composer for film, television and multimedia projects, he composed a great deal of the music for The Innocents. He currently develops and distributes a series of educational videos for teachers and care givers of special needs children.


Metro Productions is composed of highly skilled professionals located in beautiful Mexico where where modernism and tradition unite as one. Metro will produce your commercial or feature film with the highest standards of service and creativity in the industry. If you've ever thought of shooting in Mexico, you can do no better than Metro Productions.