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"Made for only $100,000, The Innocents has a professional production quality which can rival any feature coming out of Hollywood. Writer-director Katherine Griffin has a remarkable style, with mature and intelligent dialogue that flavors a subtle direction which brings out the best of both the gifted ensemble cast and Susan Griffin's wonderfully nostalgic production design. Special kudos are in order for cinematographer Caitlin Manning, who achieved bravura compositions in this 16mm production, and composer Leszek Drozd's haunting score." - Phil Hall



"A highly accomplished first film. The Innocents is a captivating film in which two young women expand their horizons in ways they had never imagined." - Kevin Thomas


"With too many films you see them and forget them almost before you hit the parking lot. And then there are those precious few that stay with you....The Innocents is just such a movie." - Caroline Rummel


The Innocents is a heartfelt coming-of-age drama set in small town America during the innocence of the early 1960's. It follows two young girls who take to the open road to unravel the mystery of a secret interracial love affair that took place between one girl's mother and a young black man in 1940's Indiana.

The Innocents is a story about friendship. About two friends who innocently embark on a journey that will forever change their lives and the way they see the world.

This at times humorous, always touching personal film features an incredible cast of young new talent, an award winning, original story and an ending that promises to bring you to that place in your heart so few films dare to travel.

The film also serves as a commentary on the black and white issue of the early sixties with a light feel and deep undercurrents and themes about the meaning of friendship and the cruelty family secrets.

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