Styopa Productions was formed by Katherine Griffin in 1996 to create feature films that explore cinematic storytelling not only as a means of entertainment but as a means of personal expression, enlightenment and inspiration. It is this final description that most defines Katherine's view of life and work. The name itself comes from a character that Katherine portrayed in the play "The Barbarians" by Maxim Gorky. Styopa is both innocent and strong, with a fresh outlook on life. Katherine's first passion is and always will be acting, and it is as an actress and filmmaker that she hopes to reach people through richly complex films and subtle performances.

Katherine Griffin

Katherine Griffin, Founder of Styopa Productions
Writer, director, actress of "The Innocents"

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Jon Bachmann, filmmaker and producer has joined Styopa Productions in an effort to create enriching stories with Styopa's first feature film "The Innocents." While Jon's background is primarily writing and editing, it is his passion for storytelling in all forms that has propelled him to be a part of Styopa Productions.

Jon Bachmann

Jon Bachmann, Producer of "The Innocents"

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